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My name is Zonax, the elder. I am what people call a god. I have created a world, where humans and animals live together. Most of those people believe in different gods, but non of them are real. The only real gods that ever had anything to do with this world are me and my twin brother Moaz. Before I tell you what Moaz and me had to do with the world, I might tell a little more about me and my brother.

A little over two hundred thousand years ago time and space found each other. They fell in love and gave birth to two sons. Me and my twin brother Moaz. We grew up through a few thousand years and we learned everything there is to know. But when we knew everything, existence started to get boring. We started to create different things. Because everything is predictable by calculation, that didn’t satisfy our boredom either. That is how I began to desire for some new stories. I started to build a world with different species to see what would happen, but still everything was predictable by calculation. Since my brother and I process five thousand times as much information per second as the internet did in ever, I knew everything that was gonna happen right after I thought of an idea. When I asked my brother to help me think of something, he said he didn’t want to. This was the first time in thousands of years that I saw something happen that I couldn’t predict. And I knew why. We might have the same knowledge but we have different desires. Even though he didn’t feel like helping me, he solved the puzzle. I could have my stories if I give my creatures random desires.

As soon as I added random desire to my creatures, they evolved way faster. I was surprised that one desire was more popular than any other. The desire of power. Because you need knowledge next to strength to obtain power, knowledge was the second favorite desire. This changed trough the years. Gold became more desirable than knowledge, but power has always been the most popular one. People also had a desire for stories, just like me. And if they didn’t have any stories to tell, they just made up their own. I found it remarkable how people believe so many stories, without even considering if it is all possible. People also desired for a higher power. Because they didn’t know me, they believe in gods they know from the stories. They believe in many different gods, but they all use the same ways to communicate with their imaginary gods. Some of them bring offerings, but all of them pray. But the real way to reach me, is to write in your diary.

The stories I like to share are also entries of several diaries. All diaries are written by the people from Piggleton. Piggleton was known for a magic place. Stories about magic traveled the world for ages, even when Piggleton was nothing more than a cabin in the woods. While the world was in war, mostly about imaginary gods, the people in Piggleton only cared for magic. There is no way I can make magic real for these people, but if I could, I wouldn’t have to think twice. I can however mace miracles happen. And why not makes these people happy and let them think those miracles are their work?

We start our story in the fourteenth year of the sixth era, later known as the era of war. This year a lot strange folks traveled to Piggleton to avoid war or to seek the secret of magic.

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Some guy: I can shoot green light beams. PEW PEW!
Me: I see nothing.
Some guy: You’re not smart enough to see them.
Me: Oh wait, I see them now.
Some guy: I don’t believe you. What colour are they?
Me: Green.
Some guy: Lucky guess.
Old Dutch TV commercial.
Watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt5FxWHWjZA
Sorry. This was just too funny not to do it.
Oh man, how much do I miss the good old days, where photography had nothing to do with computers. (Neither did movies, music or even talking to your mum.) Do you remember the time that you actually had to go outside and walk a few streets to see if your friend came out and play. And now I hear the youngsters think: “Play? Outside? How do I connect my xbox outside?” And that is exactly the problem with todays world. Lets go back and put films in out camera’s and write letters. Sit on a swing, roll some marbles and raise a doll. We can save the world by going old fashion. Viva le derevolution!
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